As a new "parent," I give a lot of doting attention to my Milt.  Also, as a school teacher I am fortunate to stay home with him, practically 24/7 beginning at 8 weeks.  I know that dogs sleep an awful lot during the day, but what is their threshold for doggie boredom? 
Milt wakes up and potties, then does tricks and plays with my husband and me.  After that, I take him on a long 40 - 60 minute walk.  He sleeps most of the morning, and I take him out again for a short walk around noon.  He rests, usually has a play date with another dog, and in the evening we go on another short walk.  When Jeff returns, there are more tricks and fetch. inside  After that, Milt naps all evening and sleeps through the night.  Should I be engaging him more?  How much stimulation does a dog really need?  Any insight people have into this question would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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  • LOL...Heidi, it seems to me that in order to engage him anymore than you already are you are going to need more hours in your day!  Sounds like you are doing a terrific job.

  • I say that the only bored dog is the naughty dog who has no choice but to create 'fun' on his own :)  I think it is ideal for a dog to be chill in the house and if you are able to give him a 'job' awesome :)
  • He is really cute and a very lucky guy to have such a fun mom.
  • You must be exhausted!! Your puppy parenting is putting a lot of us to shame  ;)  You are doing great and have one lucky puppy!  

  • How old is Milt?
    • 3-months-old now.  I just want to keep him happy!

  • I thought at 8 weeks puppies shouldn't be taken out on walks longer than 10 minutes at a time?  I guess so long as they're not being dragged around that's fine, though.

    And dogs need as much stimulation as they need, and they can get it in many ways- not necessarily with you.  It could be a great chew toy they gnaw on, or a squeeky toy for them to destroy.  I read somewhere that a young puppy sleeps 20 hours a day!  I think the most engaging and tiring thing you could do is to teach commands and tricks.  If you're engaging the puppy's mind and he or she is learning, that's the best thing you can do.

  • It sounds like Milton is getting enough stimulation. I'm also a school teacher and got Hops during my time off. It's going to be really tough once you have to get back to work and not have the time to do all those things with him!

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