For those of you who have a lot of time on your hands and want to do something fun with your dog while advancing science--this is for you! It is a way to test your dog's intelligence and give the results to a scientific research team! And, OF COURSE, the dog in the accompanying picture sure looks like a doodle to me!!! We all know they are the smartest, now we can prove it!!

There is a link in this article to the dognition website, just launched yesterday but if it does not work it is

And they have a new book out about this topic as well....have fun!!!

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  • Just took a closer look at the Dognition website and realized that you need time AND money--there is a fee, but I didn't check to see how much. The head scientist is Dr Brian Hare and he is the one that is pictured with the doodle--I think it is his dog so no wonder he wants to prove a dog's intelligence--There is a sample test you can do for free that looks like fun. 

    • Finley is actually not Dr. Hare's Doodle; Finley belongs to our customer service manager Allison.

  • The article was interesting.

  • Hmmm....what will they think of next.  I am going to try the little "pointing test" with my guys.  I have a good idea of the results.

    • I read a thing once that you can tell how intelligent your dog is by putting a blanket or towel over his head.  A smart dog will have it off in less than 10 seconds.  Cubbie takes it off almost immediately.  Ollie, on the other hand, lays down on the ground until you remove the blanket from his head. 

      • Yeah... NO - that doesn't work as any kind of test of intelligence. Your dog may be smart and tired, and goes to sleep under that blanket. What did that just prove? :-)

        • oh ok.  so it is just like when you put a blanket over a puppies crate to make it dark so they know to go to sleep? So he isn't a dumb doodle, just sleepy?

  • That's right Ginny - good spotting!  One of Dognition's favorite dogs is Finley, a 2 year old, caramel-colored Australian Labradoodle, that is featured on the website.

  • Tried the pointing test with two of my doodles, Mattie and Rio--Rio went for the cookie that I didn't point to and then tried to get the other one quickly-I let him do that as they directed--Mattie (my genius!) looked at both cookies but went right to the one I pointed to--I will try it a few more times to see if she is consistent!

  • Looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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