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For those of you who have a lot of time on your hands and want to do something fun with your dog while advancing science--this is for you! It is a way to test your dog's intelligence and give the results to a scientific research team! And, OF COURSE, the dog in the accompanying picture sure looks like a doodle to me!!! We all know they are the smartest, now we can prove it!!

There is a link in this article to the dognition website, just launched yesterday but if it does not work it is

And they have a new book out about this topic as well....have fun!!!

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Hi - You don't have to sign up to do the sample game (called "game" and not "test" because it's fun!).  View it here: and then just do the same with your dog.  If you are interested in exploring the underlying science and learn about cognition, this is a great page:


Ok Thanks Christer.
So it is just the food game? I thought I was missing more

The cognitive tests at Duke Canine Cognition Center and the Dognition experience were featured this morning on the CBS This Morning show.  You can visit if you are interested, as there's a link to the recorded segment there.

Thanks- I will check that video out

Webber and Seda were/are participants in the studies at the Duke Cognition Center.  I just bought Dr. Hare's book, The Genius of Dogs (How dogs are smarter than you think) through the Kindle e-book store.  It is so interesting. I highly recommend it.  Especially the information about Pit Bulls.



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