• I just stopped by their site and watched their video on the LD and GD. I was a bit disappointed to see they essentially said grooming was "easy" for both. SO not true as our grooming group shows =)
  • I checked out the videos for LD and GD also. Grooming easy - what a joke! However - they know something that all 5,000 of us have decided that we don't know for sure, and that is the differences between GDs and LDs!!! Glad that they can be sure of those differences -LOL
    • Thanks for the info!
  • Thanks, I'll b sure 2 record it.
  • It's very exciting that they're finally acknowledging our precious dogs! I wonder if they're saying grooming is easy because they're looking at primarily 'flat or wavy' coated f1's. Either way...they should have absolutely consulted us before putting together this show. :)
  • I love Dogs 101!!! Was just watching it last night. Thanks for letting us know Tammy!!!
  • Can't wait till tonight!!!!!
  • I have my DVR set. I watched the online clips too and questioned the grooming too. The clips said that LDs are much easier to groom than Goldendoods?? Aren't they the same? My breeder was wonderful, but didn't 'really' let me know all aboutthe grooming side of Goldendoodles.I wouldn't trade Ruger for the world, hair, groomer bill, or whatever, I just wish I had been prepared for it or he wouldn't look like an Airedale right now! : ) I'll watch the show in full just to see those gorgeous dogs running & playing!
  • Texanmom4, It really all depends on the coat. Wool it's a breeze

    Fleece and hair it takes alot more work.
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