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I'm having another one of my great ideas (said very tongue in cheek.) I am daydreaming of another pet - even more since my parents went on a cruise and came home with pictures of themselves holding a sloth, but no sloth for me. It's not the right time for another dog. I'm allergic to cats. I don't love birds... I have always wished for a sugar glider, but they are really high maintenance. 

In my city they allow chickens. They just have to inspect your coop before you get them. I could have up to 10. No roosters. And I think Silkies are just the cutest little chickens ever. Not 10. Maybe 3? It could be a fun little project, right? I don't care about the eggs so much, they would just be my little outdoor pets. 

It would break my heart if the girls had the chickens for lunch. They've never been around poultry. But I know Maggie is a cat chaser. And she's a squirrel chaser extraordinaire. But maybe if I introduced them to the chickens when they were really little they would understand that they're part of the family too. 

Anyone have any experience with this? Want to tell me I'm insane? Probably I should just forget it, because I can already see myself saying, "it seemed like a good idea at the time." But I thought I would see if anyone has a doodle with a chicken friend.

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"MMPH!  Uh! I swear I'd only play with 'em! I  Promise  well, I promise to try...... sort of, anyway. Wait I see a squirrel, I'll be back."

It's a good thing you're really really cute!

Clancy, Jackdoodle never did that. LOL :) 

I lied. I feel reinforcement of item # 2 is required here.
Oh, and Poodles are bird dogs too, BTW.

Hi again. Just in case the above posts weren't enough, some great info from a wonderful website called My Pet Chicken:

Q: Do chickens attract rats?


 Chicken feed and droppings will attract rats, yes! That's why it's so important that you do two things: store your feed in metal bins, and carefully prepare your chicken run using a heavy gaugehalf-inch or less hardware cloth material. 




How do you feel about miniature goats?

Well, at least the goats would have a fighting chance against the dogs. In fact, Katie might be in trouble. 
Stacy. Put a CD title on Maggie. That's your project for the year. So it is decreed, lol. 

That's exactly what I should be working on. We're taking Novice Obedience again. My work schedule is changing, so it might be a struggle to get to trials this year, but we will have lots and lots of time for training. I'll only be working 2 days a week. 

If the ice would melt (and it wasn't so cold) we would be out taking a walk instead of wasting the day looking at chickens on the internet. 

^^^^ Like!!!! ^^^^

Goats mow your lawn and everything else you might have in your backyard!  My daughter-in-law got one for her school (which is very cool) but it eats everything - including the buttons off your sweater and then the sweater itself!

Yeah, they use goats to get rid of weeds and undesirable/invasive vegetation in some areas. They can really clear away anything that grows. And you need a pretty big space for them to graze. 

I don't actually think goats are allowed. But do you watch those videos of the baby goats in pajamas playing? So stinking cute!



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