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I'm having another one of my great ideas (said very tongue in cheek.) I am daydreaming of another pet - even more since my parents went on a cruise and came home with pictures of themselves holding a sloth, but no sloth for me. It's not the right time for another dog. I'm allergic to cats. I don't love birds... I have always wished for a sugar glider, but they are really high maintenance. 

In my city they allow chickens. They just have to inspect your coop before you get them. I could have up to 10. No roosters. And I think Silkies are just the cutest little chickens ever. Not 10. Maybe 3? It could be a fun little project, right? I don't care about the eggs so much, they would just be my little outdoor pets. 

It would break my heart if the girls had the chickens for lunch. They've never been around poultry. But I know Maggie is a cat chaser. And she's a squirrel chaser extraordinaire. But maybe if I introduced them to the chickens when they were really little they would understand that they're part of the family too. 

Anyone have any experience with this? Want to tell me I'm insane? Probably I should just forget it, because I can already see myself saying, "it seemed like a good idea at the time." But I thought I would see if anyone has a doodle with a chicken friend.

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 Hahahahahahahahah!  Yup.  But she is also the sweetest girl who LOVES her Grammy and Papa and is never averse to give big hugs and kisses. 

Nothing thrills me more then watching a whippet or any other sighthound hunt. No way I'd add anything small and chase worthy to my calm settled hound life. 

Whippets are amazing. They are so swift and quick, then bam! Couch potato time. 

Hubby and I always say we want to come back as whippets... they know the couch potato life very well! Heat seeking little missles.

Hi Stacy!

I just have to tell you that I am so much like you.  I think almost every animal is cute.  Growing up I brought home all sorts of animals I found to my parents, who were very kindhearted and let me keep most.  They to this day say they picture me on a farm.  

Both reason (sanity) and my husband keep me in check from getting more pets.  For example, driving home yesterday we saw a sign that said baby goats for  NO my hubby said.  And I know in my heart getting these types of unique pets would be nuts.

My parents were over the other day and they had on a show...I think it was called Dr. Kay. (A vet from Florida). I thought every exotic pet was cute.  And the owners kissed them and loved them...pigs, goats, iguanas. You name  My advice to you is not to start watching this  

So...for me, there is no way on earth I will be getting any of these cute animals.  It would be truly

But I can relate to you thinking they are so cute!
For us it is just Miss Nala :)
Take care,

The only contact I have with chickens is that my next door neighbor's kids all got salmonella (the dr. verified it) from the chickens and, they were always over in our yard--ugh.



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