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I came across a story this morning about a zoo that uses dogs to help calm their cheetahs.  I had never heard of this before and found the whole thing to be rather interesting.  I know that my dogs calm me down when i'm stressed (unless they are the ones stressing me out), but I didn't realize that they could be used to help out other animals too.

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That was so interesting, thanks.

I had no idea that this was being done.  From personal experience I know that a feral cat and dog can be raised together and be friends. However, I never thought about a calming aspect of the relationship.

I saw a great show on PBS about interspecies friendships and one of the pairs was a dog and cheetah at Busch Gardens that had been raised together. There was great footage of them running around and playing.

oh I wish I had seen that show!  It is so weird to think of a cheetah running and playing with a dog. 

Ask and you shall receive!

Thanks Becka!  that was even more interesting than the article.  I don't watch PBS but maybe I should start.

Wow! Thanks for posting.

Thanks for posting this, Amy, it is so interesting!



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