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I’m not sure where to look to determine whether they will have more of a poodle coat or more loose wavy. Mom is a white doodle and dad is a red poodle.

Also how do you tell (other than genetic testing) that they might keep their color?

I know coats change and you never know what you’ll get but wanted thoughts from experience doodle owners!


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Super cute :)

I've always been told look at the ears.  They all look like they will be curly but to me light blue looks the least curly and purple the most curly.  They will likely remain apricot but fade with time since they are mostly poodle.  

I thought dark blue looked the least curly, but it's close. Both blues are less curly than the others, but only by a little.
Purple is definitely the curliest, followed by pink print bandana. Those two are going to have the most difficult coats to groom and maintain. Orange is right in the middle of the five in terms of curliness. 
All have great furnishings. Very nice looking puppies. 
Their color is definitely going to fade over time. It's hard to say how much wihtout knowing the colors of the Poodles behind the parents. (i.e. grandparents, great grandparents, etc.) And even a DNA won't tell you that. If I could see the pedigrees on the Poodles in the lines, I might be able to predict that, but it doesn't really matter anyway, lol. Color is absolutely the least important quality in any dog. 

For sure about the colour but if you have the choice between a couple pups with similar personalities then aesthetics come into play.  We had the choice between Riley and a pup with asymmetrical coloring (eyepatch) who were of similar disposition and we preferred the symmetrical look.  Coat type is a bit more of a major concern because of maintenance/grooming.

I'm totally with you on the symmetrical part. I think one eye patch can often make their whole face look "off" and affect their expressions. And I'm a stickler for structure. But I think those things are much more important to the overall look of a dog than just shade of the basic color, especially in a solid colored dog. A deeper or lighter shade of red/apricot just doesn't make that much difference in how cute or pretty a dog is, IMO. 

For sure, solid colors within a colour family in a similar shade makes no difference to me.  

Such cuties

The curlier the puppy, the curlier the adult. Most doodles get curlier with the adult coat. all of this little ones are pretty curly. If you are looking for curliest, go with the purple pup.  If you are hoping for the least curly choose the light blue.  My color guess is that they will all be nice shades of apricot.  They are all lovely puppies.



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