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HI All, We are on the East Coast and sad to see summer fly by and colder weather coming :( We are lucky enough to be able to leave our slider doors open for our pup, Puddles to roam our back yard durng the nice weather! Now that it's colder, the doors remain shut and less to do inside. I have been trying to play some different games with her, such as hiding a treat and letting her find it, hiding her ball under a blanket so she can sniff for it. She is not very great with her sniffing skills, so trying to work on that! Any other in-door games I can play with her that can strengthen her skills and keep her occupied? She is very energetic and she LOVES her ball, but being inside makes it harder to play! TIA!

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  • I'd look for a Do More With Your Dog class in your area. Jasper & I have been having fun learning all kinds of tricks and commands, and your dog can earn titles, too. Practicing our tricks has become the high point of Jasper's day, he loves it!

    Once you've learned the basics, you can go on with the training on your own at home.

    If that's not available near you, there may be a training club where you can do rally, agility, tricks, or whatever interests you. Again, the classes just give you the tools to work on your own at home with your dog. Besides giving her something to do and having fun, it really helps strengthen the bond between you. 

    Do More With Your Dog! - Do More With Your Dog
    Trick Dog titles and dog training instructor certification. Kyra Sundance hosts workshops on dog tricks and pedestal training.
  • I have a set of 2 cones set up and have the dogs go run around them. Also use them to get the dogs to set and call them to the other one. Helps with recalling.

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