Hi Everyone!  I am working on a little project for the upcoming Doodle Lovers Mexico Trip. (YOU CAN STILL BOOK IF YOU WANT TO JOIN US!).  I don't want to give away the details because it's a surprise...but I was wondering if there is anyone that participated in the DK Logo contest that created a logo design that they would let me use, borrow, embellish upon for my little project.  Of course you would get free "surprises" for letting me use your logo :)  Thank you to anyone willing to help!

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  • Ooh, there were some good ones!  Here is a link to the final 8 designs that were voted on:


    As for your devious purposes... I think I see someone trying to win the door decorating contest in Mexico!  ;-)

    And just as a trip down memory lane (I just spent 10 minutes looking at these again!) here are all the entries from our logo contest three years ago:


  • No!!!!!!! There will be no door decorating contest! Right Laurie??? LOL.
    These weren't all by DK members though were they Clark?
  • Amen to that!!! But there might be a sandcastle building contest.....
  • Thanks asking so we could enjoy these again, Ronna.  And thanks for reposting those designs, Clark. It was fun to revisit them.

  • I think this year we should have a crazy hat contest :) I am excited about seeing your "surprise".

    • Hat contest would be no fair! Judy and Leslie have a whole wardrobe of hats!!! You will love the surprises:) The logo is in the making and all I can say is it is fantastic! You will have to wait till October though!
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