We will be picking up our newest goldendoodle in four weeks. It is a chocolate and black litter but we haven't been matched yet to a particular pup. We know that it will be a male.

Our nearly 2 year old goldendoodle is Beowoof-woof Shaggypants, (Beowoof or Woofie for short). We've been trying to find a cute name for #2. Here are some we are thinking about:

Schmutz Mochadoodle 

Schmutz Javadoodle

Mozzy Mochadoodle

Mozzy Javadoodle

What do you think? Any suggestions? :)

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  • I really don't like the idea of calling a dog Schmutz but Mozzy sounds OK.
    • My husband had his heart set on it but I'm not sure about it. :)

    • I agree with F on this.  What is the meaning and purpose of the name Schmutz? Does your husband have a reason for his liking this name? But Mozzy is cute.

  • MozzyBear Mochadoodle

  • Mozzy. I love it.

    That;s got my vote. Mozzy was short for Mozart in the show White Collar

    Terri (and Harley)

    • That's where we got Mozzy. :) We both love that character!

  • I like the fact that you go for original names! MozzyBear is cute, and coffee is one of my greatest loves. So, I would vote for MozzyBear Javadoodle. Or, you could just call him Bob. :-)

    • Our other dogs, miniature schnauzers, have Gaelic and Scottish names. Tavish, Oonaugh, Talulla and Magnus. We'd been on that kick for years because we love the names. We used to have an Angus, Haemish and Fergus. When we got our first doodle we decided to do something different. We thought Beowoof was funny since it was literary with a pun. Hard act to follow... :-)

    • Love this, Winnie!

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