Doodle prediction?

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie and so happy to have found this site. 

We lost our lab a couple of years ago and are now ready and keen to fill the void. We feel a goldendoodle would be a great fit for our family (3 boys under 7). We've found a local breeder. She has pups available; mum is a chocolate standard poodle, dad is an f2b goldendoodle. I think this makes the pups f2bb? 

I've attached a pic of our prospective new addition. Any idea how his coat will turn out? Or if the f2bb means he'll have any distinguishing features? 

Thanks in advance 🙂


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  • What kind of f2b goldendoodle is the mom?

    In any case the pup is mostly poodle and should be quite curly.  How old is he?  He looks pretty curly already.

    • An F2B is an F1B bred back to a Poodle. So, yeah, mostly Poodle. 7/8ths Poodle to be exact, lol. Seven of the 8 great-grandparents are Poodles, and one is a Golden. At least, that's how it's supposed to be. 

      • The b could be retriever, it's happened before that's why I'm asking :p.  It can also either be an F2 x poodle or F1b x F1... The F1b x f1 would mean the F2b would be more likely to carry the genes for being unfurnished since retriever genes would be on both sides.

        Either way this pup looks to be furnished and curly so it really doesn't matter in the end.

  • I see a lot of curl already. Pretty color.

  • Nothing particular to expect.  At the F2b level (however it's made up) we are still in poodle MIX land so there are still many possibilities, though likely leaning toward the poodley side of things depending on the F2b mom's makeup.

    Do you know why the breeder is having people choose this early?  They are very very young and no temperament or personality is really coming through yet.  Would she let you and others wait a bit longer so you can choose based on "right fit" rather than guesswork on coats?

  • Please save your family a lot of grief by insisting to see the parents health certifications, hips, eyes, heart(poodle).  Ask her what kind of temperment testing, training and socialization the pups get before they come to you.  When does she release the pups to owners - not before 8 weeks!  They are all darling!! 

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