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I have puppy fever with little furball coming home in 2 weeks and my sewing machine is just sitting there calling my name.  

Has anyone here made over-the-collar bandanas for their pups?

Or if you buy bandanas do you have any preferences on the type of material they're made of?

Found a couple easy-looking patterns.  They're both 2-fabric ones though you could just use one:

I feel like the over-the-collar type is safer than the type you would tie around the neck too and just as easy to wash.  

Any bandana tips? (or just cute pictures of your doodles wearing bandanas or other fashion items!)

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Not a bandana, but the collar flower is my favorite fashion accessory. (Image borrowed from Etsy)

Oooh that is super cute!  I like it.  

I'm heading to the fabric store today I'll try to get a bunch of scrap stuff to play around with ;)

Well, I think I found pup's hallowe'en costume :p

A TY halloweencostume ... super awesome

I’m not home so I have no photo but picture an old-fashioned bandanna folded to make a 3-4 inch flat tube that the collar slides through.  My boys have one with their name embroidered on. They don’t show that well on long haired dogs but super cute on shorter cuts. Sorry for the bold. I’m on my phone and accidentally hit the bold. I’m not retyping. LOL

I always liked Jack in gingham.  I used to buy a yard at the fabric store, cut it into a square, fold diagonal and leave the edges raw.  Since Jack was pretty scruffy looking I liked the frayed edge.  I've also purchased a shirt collar that is cute.  Depending on your pups size you could find a boys shirt at Goodwill.  Cut the body of the shirt off at the neckband.

I had to google Gingham ;)  It's cute!  My mom had so many gingham dish towels when I was growing up lol.

Maybe I'll check out the dollar store textiles/washcloths section and see if they have anything nice ;)  Easier than trying to find nice scraps in the bargain bin at the fabric store... all the ones I looked at the other day were curtain materials, vinyl and burlap, nothing suitable for a cute doodle.

These would be great for team spirit fabric 

Well, DH has continued his "no clothes on my dog policy" so it looks like I'll have to make some accessories in secret and put them on her when he's not around :p



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