Sure they don't!  Haha.

Exhibit A: Riley's undercoat.

I just wrestled this hair out of Riley's undercoat in the bath using conditioner + a deshedding rake in preparation for her full body clip later today.  Keep in mind this is WET undercoat and is easily 5x this volume when dry.  Empty toilet roll for scale, I tried to make the hair about the height of the toilet roll. :p  I got another pile like this about a month ago and will get another in April.  Ahh, Spring coat changes!  Thank goodness Toby appears to be single coated lol.

There are plenty of doodles who don't shed BUT then again you can get a hairy monster like Riley who is a ridiculous fluff factory :)


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  • So does she shed like most dogs where it mostly falls out or does her outer coat keep it in till you brush it out....or combination?

    • A bit of both.  We do find some hair on the floor but not as much as Luna (Luna's top coat shed also), Riley's top coat doesn't shed just her undercoat.  Some of it definitely falls out but not nearly as much as I get if I brush her, a lot of it just sits there loose until I brush it out.  She's not as bad as some other double coated dogs where their top coat just holds everything in (I think huskies are like that?).   I think I'd describe Riley's shedding as "light", but that could be partly because I brush her a few times a week and that prevents some of it from ending up on the floor.


      Riley does change her coat seasonally as well and we just hit warmer weather.  If I don't de-shed her every few weeks during this time of year (and Fall when it gets cold but it's not as bad in the Fall) she starts matting really badly because too much of her undercoat becomes loose at once and gets tangled in her curly top coat.

      Every swipe of my de-shedding rake this morning I was getting about a tablespoon of hair lol.  I didn't take a pic of my bath before I cleaned up a bit to rinse out the conditioner but it was pretty dramatic with the hair all over hah.  

      • I'm so glad Picco doesn't shed at all.  I really didn't know enough that they might shed when getting a doodle but he was 3 months old so I'm sure I would have known at the time of getting him.  I've had husky/shepard mixes in the past and my husband (wasn't a dog person) complained about dog hair all the time.  I was thinking I may never have a dog again because I didn't want to hear complaining!  Needless to say he is now a dog lover thanks to Picco!  But still won't get a shedder ever!


        • I'm so used to it after having Luna (and so is DH) that it really doesn't bother us.  It is nice that Riley sheds less though, I don't tend to find her hair on my clothes etc. like we did with Luna.  I don't think Toby will shed at all, I gave him a bath the other day and didn't see a single hair come out.  I don't even get a lot when I brush him yet.

  • At least Riley's hair clumps together, makes for easier picking up, lol.
    Jackdoodle shed 24/7, 365 days a year. And it was fine, individual hairs, like a Golden. Hair just flew off of him any time he moved. If he ran in sunlight, you could see it in the air all around him. There was hair all over everything, all the time. I had to spread a clean sheet over the bed or table to fold laundry. My DD used to run straight into her room when she got home from work to change out of her work clothes before she could greet or go near Jack, and he didn't jump up on anyone. Just standing near him got hair all over your clothes. A year after I lost him, I was still finding random JD hairs on sweaters and blankets, it embedded in the fabric and didn't even come out in the wash. Towels were a problem, lol.
    I imagine that if the person who originally bought him in the pet store thought they were getting a non-shedding dog, that might be one reason they took him to a shelter. We were pretty shell-shocked by it ourselves, lol. But we adjusted. And my DD took allergy medication. Jackdoodle was worth it. However, anyone who buys any doodle mainly because "they don't shed" is taking a huge gamble. I wish more people were aware of that.

    • That was Luna too, the shedding was crazy!  I don't think I'll never have a short-haired dog, I can't even imagine how annoying it must be.  I still find Luna hairs on/inside things I haven't touched in a while 3 years later lol.

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