4040484331?profile=RESIZE_710xSo I have 2 doodles, a 1.5 year old goldendoodle and a 5 month old mini Bernedoodle, and they seem to have diarrhea at least once a week. We've taken them to the vet many times and they can't find anything wrong to be causing it. We don't allow them to have people food or treats and they are both currently on blue buffalo chicken and rice recipes. Anybody else experience this? Any food suggestions that may be better for them? 

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  • Have they been tested for coccidia?

    • Yes, it was negative 

  • So, they have a loose stool or two for a day and then the stool is normal until the following week? Or...? How long does the diarrhea last? Is there a pattern to it? Do they ever have firm stools? Do they go to day care? Are they supervised outdoors? 
    Blue Buffalo is not a recommended food brand, but if the food were the cause, they would be having loose stools/diarrhea all the time, not just once a week. However, there are a LOT of foods that would be a better for them. 
    Has your vet run fecals?

    • They usually have a few loose stools for one day a week and then it goes back to normal. They are supervised outside and don't go out together. Fecals have been run and they were negative 

      • Okay, is it always the same day each week? Is there anything they get once a week, some particular chew or treat? Is there anywhere they go only once a week, or some event that happens at home once a week? Or a visitor (cleaning lady, dog walker, etc) who only comes once a week? 

  • My vet said that doodles tend to have more sensitive tummy's.  Nilla has had 2 rounds of diarrhea recently, both time all tests were negative.  She said it is possible that her belly might not be able to tolerate the treats or peanut butter or all with the food we give.  She suggested a food that was for sensitive bellies (Rayne) and/or to do a few days of boiled chicken/rice/pumpkin puree.  We opted for the Rayne food and that has seemed to do the trick every time.  It's not cheap though and I am starting to just accept that fact that she might just have to be on this food.  

    Good luck!


    • Dogs with sensitive stomachs need limited ingredient diets and treats. It's not necessary to feed rayne, although it is an excellent brand. There are lots of brands on our recommended list that make LID foods. The one that seems to have worked best for our members is Wellness Simple (also sold as Wellness Complete Health Limited Ingredient). You might try that.
      Treats should be plain 100% single protein treats, like Pure Bites. Nothing but freeze dried chicken, turkey, beef, etc.
      Although it's very common for people to give their dogs peanut butter, it's a really bad idea for all dogs. There is almost no food on earth that is higher in fat and calories than peanut butter. Very high fat foods will cause diarrhea in a lot of dogs who otherwise do not have any digestive issues. 

  • Too many treats or eating the wrong thing (maybe some people food that you have on a regular basis and share????   Those would be my first thoughts since it isn't constant.   You might want to consider adding probiotics to their diet either in the form of plain unflavored yogurt once a day or a probiotic like Proviable (ordered on Amazon).

    My doodle can have loose stools from stress - whatever he consideres stressful.

  • When my first doodle had issues with loose stools, ear infections, weight issues, I finally transitioned her to a raw food diet and have had great success.   Her poos are solid and therefore she has no more anal gland issues.  I have NOT had to chase her around with the prophylactic ear solution in over 7 years.  Feeding raw has been a god send for me and my girls.  I did a lot of research and asking folks.  My vet does not support me feeding raw.  That's okay.  I have been feeding raw for over 7 years without any problems.

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