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I recently learned of a "Double Doodle" but honestly I have never seen one and I don't know anything about this relatively new "breed". Does anyone have any experience with Double Doodles?  How do they differ from a multi-gen, LD or GD in terms of size, temperment, coat, shedding, price, etc?  Any feedback is much appreciated.


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A "double doodle" is the result of a goldendoodle bred to a labradoodle. It's not a new mix; I know people with 12 year old double doodles. We have a group here of double doodle owners.

Size, coat, temperament and shedding are all going to vary from one to another, depending on what the parents are. The parents can be minis, standards, or one of each, so there is no certain size. Coats and shedding, as you hopefully know from all the info here on DK, are always going to be a crap shoot. You can great variation even within the same litter. An F1 labraoodle bred to an F1 goldendoodle (of any size) is going to give you the highest probability of shedding, just like an F2 goldendoodle or labradoodle. This is because you have retrievers one generation back on both sides. There are multigen double doodles, and those are going to be your best bet for non-or low- shedding.
Temperaments always depend on several factors, including the temperaments of the parents and the way the puppies are raised. 

So what's a double doodle bred with goldendoodle called? Golden double doodle?? A friend has one!

I think it's called whatever name you want to give it, lol. 

Roxy is a Double Doodle. :)

I have a mini multigenerational double doodle Eli.  He weighs 21 pounds.  We love him.  We found out about them through a co-worker of my husbands who had the guardian mother.  She uses a breeder in Atlanta who does genetic testing and offers a 2 year health guarantee.  Everyone we meet assumes Eli is a golden doodle.  I have attached a picture.  He will be 3 years old in August.  


Eli is adorable!  Thank you Karen.



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