I received and e-mail today throuh DK from another DK member.  For the life of me  I cannot figure out how to reply.  If I use the reply button in Gmail it says "do-not -reply@doodlekisses.com".  There use to be a place on "my page' for mail but I cannot find it on this stinking new format.  Someone, please HELP!

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  • Go to your inbox here on DK. You can't reply to it from the email notification. you have to go to your DK inbox here on the site.
    The little envelope icon in the upper right corner will take you there. 

    • Thanks, Karen.   I finally found it.  Didn't it use to be on "My Page"?

      BTW, What is th e icon to the right of the email?

      • It's an invite link, to invite people to join DK through various methods.
        Yes, the Inbox used to be on our pages, along with a whole lot of other things that are gone. :(

  • In "old" DK it was not on anyone's individual "My Page" -- it was on every single page under the tabs and logo on the right hand side.  You still had to respond from your inbox.  I don't recall if there was a better link back TO the inbox or not, but it was not located on anyone's My Page.  5672391874?profile=RESIZE_400x


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