We're taking our doodles with us on our beach vacation next week and the VRBO we're staying at is right on the water.  Looking forward to some fun in the surf, just not sure whether I should be concerned about the effects of salt water on their coats.  Should I give them a rinse afterwards?  My brief internet research was inconclusive and primarily anecdotal. Anyone have the real scoop?

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  • I always at least rinse them off afterwards. If only for their comfort. I know how I feel after a day at the beach and Im sure they feel much the same way.

    • Not the ocean but my in-laws have a saltwater pool. Whenever Luna went swimming at their place we would rinse her off afterwards since otherwise she got itchy.  

  • I'd rinse them off every day. and if possible, give them a quick wash when you can.  We don't take our boys into the water often, but when we do we spray them with a silicon-based detangler first.  We use Horse Mane 'N Tail Spray on Detangler. 

  •  We go yearly to the ocean and in April, we spent a month on the ocean in our RV and Myla was in the water daily.  We never rinsed her as the only way we could do it would be to attach a hose to the water taps in the campground and she hates that - we would literally have to drag her. Her coat was definitely not as soft as it usually is but she still looked great and didn't bother herself at all.  We towelled her off when she was finished and she was fine.  If she continually licked herself to clean, I would have rinsed her.  If you can rinse her off and she doesn't mind, that would be ideal but wanted to let you know that Myla was okay without it.  Mind you, I did bathe her as soon as we got home cause I do love that soft feel!  Have fun!

  • I use shampoo and conditioner on both of my dogs every time I take them to the beach. It's the only way to get the sand off of their bodies -- especially off of their undersides. It's time-consuming but necessary.  

    • But, if you let them dry off first, most, but not all,  of the sand falls off. 

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