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Angel almost prefers playing Fetch by herself. Our backyard is basically a rustic piece of sloping land. There's plenty of dirt, plenty of twigs, lots of trees, and not much else. Anyway, Angel has found that if she stands at the top of the hill and gives the ball a little throw to release it, the ball will "throw" itself, and then she can run after it and chase it.

She will, on occasion tease me with the ball, bringing just out of reach, and then either running away or making me come get the ball to throw. But usually, as long as I'm watching her on the deck, she's happy to chase the ball by herself.

Does anyone's else's dog do that?

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Samantha is totally possessed by the ball! If she can't get me to play with her, she rolls it off the deck, waits for it to stop moving, watches it for a minute and then pounces on it. She brings it back up to the deck, 'digs at it' so it rolls all over the deck, chase and pounce on it again. She can do this for half and hour!
Charlie does the exact same thing! She will toss it from the sofa, let it roll and ounce on it. Some times she would hand (?) it to me to toss it. Like Samantha, she can do this for a long long time and enjoy herself!
This is so cool! I wish Ned did this.
When we will no longer play with Gracie Doodle in the house, she will take her tennis ball and push it under the sofa and then growl at it and shove her big bear paws under trying to get it. Of course, she only pushed it further under so then she barks at it and we have to get on our knees to pull it out. She also will go to her blanket and bury it under and then pounce on it and try to chew it through the blanket. She has one blanket that is filled with holes! She loves to hide it and then pounce. In our bed she does this under the covers every night for about 10 minutes before we turn the light off.
She is such a cutie. You really got one special doodle!



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