My understanding is there are a large amount of essential oils that are bad for dogs. Ive always understood this to be the type where you have diffusers and they release a mist in the air. 

Now my question is more in wondering if plug in air freshener types may also be bad. These aren't your full on essential oil diffusers that most the air just like a standard bed bath body works wall flower type outlet plug in. Having trouble finding if these can be dangerous as well. 

Anyone have information to share?



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  • I did find this article by a holistic vet which does say that any of these air fresheners are harmful, because all of them release chemicals into the air that our pets and we ourselves breathe.
    Personally, I find them unnecessary. I think simple cleaning keeps a home smelling fine. No need to have it smelling like a rose garden, lol. However, for those who like a fragrant home, there are also natural pomanders and sachets that you can make with cloves, orange & lemon peel, dried flower petals, etc. that are completely harmless when hung in a closet or placed in an area that pets & kids can't get at. 
    I'm sure you can find lots of ideas for these natural air fresheners online. 

    How Air Fresheners Can Affect Your Pet's Health
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    • Thanks for the link. 

      Yes it does seem like any type of fresheners can be bad to humans and pets! Just also wondering if for pets these can be even worse like the essential oil mist types that you see horror stories about. 

      It seems like there is very little research out there in effects to not only pets but humans too! Seems fragrant candles can be problematic too. 

    • Thanks for this I had no idea.  I gifted our in-laws an essential oil diffuser for Christmas I'll have to look more into it since we do visit often.

      This article suggests we'll probably be ok because I think she will just use it for her bedroom and we don't go in there with Riley:


      Your Essential Oil Diffuser Could Make Your Pets Sick
      The one time I really tend to wish my pets could talk is when they’re sick. Pet illnesses can seem so vague and amorphous, sometimes—a little puking…
    • I used Method brand all-purpose cleaner that is a wonderful rose scent!

  • I just open windows and turn on ceiling fans for a while.  I don't care how cold or hot outside, I think fresh air flow is the best deoderizer!

    • I'm one of those weirdos who thinks bleach makes everything smell clean. I use it on the tile floors and I love the way the house smells afterwards, lol. 

      • I <3 the post Bleach cleaning aroma :). 

        I even love the smell of swimming pools. 

        I tried vinegar once or twice in an effort to be more safe and have a cleaner I felt comfortable with my kids using but it stinks so gross.

    • Not really possible here in the winter, it would cool down the house too much...but we don't use any scented things like plug-ins.  For cleaning we generally use vinegar and avoid harsher chemicals so the whole house smells like fries to me when we're done lol.

      We have an HRV for our ventilation system so that kind of acts like a window that we can open to freshen things up.

      • We had a discussion here years ago about using bleach versus using vinegar for housecleaning. I said that houses cleaned with vinegar always remind me of my grandma's house when she was making pickles, lol. 

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