I am getting ready to place our order with Chewy.com, and saw these. Does anyone know if they are on the recommended list or has anyone used these? We normally use the Fruitables Bison Jerky but Toby is really getting bored with them. There were some mixed reviews on these. Any thoughts on these?

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  • I just looked through the "recommended" lists in the Food Group and they are not listed, so I don't think I will order any of these. I am going to print the list from the recommended treats list and take it with me when we go out to our local pet store. Toby has enough issues and I sure don't want to risk something that is not good or healthy for him.

  • Hi Debbie, Evanger's is not a recommended brand. There have been numerous recent recalls of their products, some of them quite scary. 

    Here's the link to our recommended food brands: http://www.doodlekisses.com/group/thefoodgroup/forum/topics/recomme...

    There are all kinds of recommended jerky-type treats available in all kinds of flavors. You could try one of the other fruitables flavors, or you could look at our recommended treat brand list for some suggestions. 


    • Thanks, Karen...I was hesitant because of the reviews, but I am glad you confirmed that is NOT a good choice.. I will definitely be looking through the recommended lists... thanks!

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