I am dog sitting my grand puppy this weekend - a 5 month old poodle.  We are most definitely in love with her and she is most definitely in love with Charlie and won't leave him alone. 3364213402?profile=originalShe is the most beautiful deep red, so dark that she is almost chocolate. When I get her in direct sun though, I can really see the red.  3364213363?profile=original  It made me wonder about poodle coloring. I don't know about you, but I thought poodles came in basic red or faded red (i.e. apricot), black, white, and gray, with a two-color parti or two thrown in.  Where did our unusual colored doodles come from?  I guess that I thought it was some rare mutation.  Well, guess again!  I found this poodle color site:


Poodles come in so many colors, shades of colors, mixes of colors and patterns, I was amazed. I saw apricot, cafe au lait, sable, silver beige, blue, ticking, phantom, brindle - all  of which are poodle colors.  I realized that Babette is a mahogany red and as such, will likely stay dark. 

I even found out that Charlie is sort of a Tuxedo parti - not quite, because he looks more like he is wearing pants and a jacket and a true Tuxedo has a solid saddle on his back.


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  • Coat color is so complicated. But Babette is gorgeous and it's easy to see why she loves handsome Charlie. Great photos.
    • Aw... thanks, F.  He puts up with her, and we quietly tell him what goes around, comes around, and he sort of deserves it.  :-}

  • I love standard poodles and we had a large black standard (Wilbur) for many years.  Babette has a gorgeous coat. 

    • Her coat is so soft and not what I expected of a poodle.  Perhaps it gets coarser when she is older?

  • Both dogs are gorgeous. Fudge's deep chocolate fades more each day. 

  • She is gorgeous!  Do you happen to know what colors both of her parents were?

  • She weighs about 40 pounds.  She was one of the smaller puppies in the litter.  She is about as tall at the shoulder as Clancy - about 19."  I looked up standard poodle sizes(18-24") so I guess she is going to be fairly tall????

    • I'm not sure where you saw 18"-24", but that's incorrect. The breed standard for Standard Poodles is anything over 15" at the withers, and there is no top limit. :) Average is 22". 

      Weight should be 45 to 70 lbs. 

      • I simply googled and did NOT check the source.  Thank you for correcting me. I know nothing about poodles.  It has been fun learning.

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