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Just heard Jackdoodle had surgery last night for bloat.
Please send our prayers for Jackdoodle

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You and your love for JD permeate all of the good that is Doodle Kisses.  JD's spirit lives on in the countless doodles that have been guided by your endless passion for the well being of all dogs and your untiring patience in helping all of us be better guardians for our doodles.  Lots of tears this morning but we can all hope that the memories soon bring you comfort in the days ahead.  No one could have loved and cared for their boy better than you, and JD knew that love everyday.  

I’m so sorry about your beloved JD. I know you love him dearly. He’s the reason we all know each other, and he holds a special place in my heart because of that. I always loved playing ball with him. I’m sure he’s running around now, pain-free, chasing every tennis ball he can find. I’ll miss him.

So sorry to hear the outcome.  Very sorry for your loss Karen.  Jackdoodle will always be remembered.

Thinking about all that Karen and JD have done for so many of us at DK, I was wondering if those of you connected to Doodle Rescue could help arrange a special Jackdoodle Memorial that we could contribute to? Perhaps a fund to assist rescue doodles like Jack who have multiple medical issues?

It would be great to set up a separate fund in his honor.  Karen has done so much for so many and I would think it would be a gesture that might give her a little comfort.  JD's sprit lives on through all of Karen's wise words and kindness to all of us! 

While that sounds like a nice idea, I think it would be much more appreciated if we did something special for her instead. She will be left with a large medical bill for the surgery as well as a huge hole in her heart. This one will not be easy to "get over" (although I don't think you ever get over it) or to come to terms with. 

Karen thanks for all the great advice you give to all of us. So sorry about Jack. He is in the happiest place for dogs now. You gave him a great life here on earth and he will thank you when you meet him again. 

prayers sent <3 

My heart aches for you.  Jack had the best home ever.  so hard....

Oh, dear, no. I just logged in and was just writing a message of best wishes, and now I am reading this terribly sad news. I just don't know what to say, Karen. Though we have never met, I feel like I know you. I don't know if you will ever understand your contribution to keeping my dogs healthy over all of these years. I am extraordinarily grateful, and so so very sorry, truly. Oh, boy . . . Sweet Jackdoodle . . . This breaks my heart. 

Oh, no!  I just read about Jackdoodle and I agree with what others have said.  You never "get over it" but learn to live with it and move on in your life.  My Hondo (Heartdog) died in 2010 and I still think of him every day even though I have new doodles.  I see a doodle that looks like him and I even take photos.  Here is one of him beach combing in Monterey.  He loved Carmel Beach and we went there frequently.  My heart is with you at this time.

Karen... I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Jack Doodle.   I feel like I knew him even though I never met him.  He was a special doodle for sure and you both have brought so much to our lives here on DoodleKisses.  Sending you much love and many hugs.



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