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Just heard Jackdoodle had surgery last night for bloat.
Please send our prayers for Jackdoodle

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OH no.....prayers being sent!

So sorry to hear this. Wishing Jackdoodle a speedy recovery.

OH no!  Good Doodle vibes coming your way Karen & Jackdoodle!

That's horrible!  Prayers and hugs sent to Jack and Karen!

I talked with Karen a short time ago, and JD is very critical at this point.  They were called back to the hospital.  Karen really needs all our love, positive thoughts and prayers right now to get through this.

Thank you Jane. I have been so worried.

Thank you Jane.

Jane, thanks for the update. Sure hoping for good news as the day progresses.

Jane, thank you for the update! I'm so glad you were able to talk with her. Finn and I were following on FB through the night. (Well, truth be told, Finn was asleep with his head on my computer, which made it a bit difficult :( How fast bloat happens is frightening! From what I read, the next couple days post-op are critical so all our love and prayers are with Karen and her sweet Jack.  Rally Jack, please!

Oh dear. Prayers for a good recovery are sent.

Pawsitive thoughts and prayers for Karen's sweet boy Jack.

Following on FB....praying with all I have.    Karen and Jack feel like family......I wish there was something we could do.    Jack AND Karen have been through more than seems fair.     



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