Bo is an absolutely AWESOME puppy in every way.  Everybody loves him and he loves them in return.  He's gentle, sweet, smart and such a good boy.  He has one problem though; he drools excessively in the car.  I'm talking BUCKETS of drool!!  He hasn't liked the car from day one and he often gets car sick if he's in the car over 30 minutes.  I bought him a Thundershirt for the anxiety and it has helped a little but it hasn't stopped the drooling.  I have helped his anxiety by putting him in the front seat attached to his seatbelt harness.  I can pet and sooth him while we are riding but oh my heavens, from the MOMENT I put him in the car, he begins to drool.  His whole muzzle and neck get drenched and his front paws do as well.  I am at a loss as to how to stop him from doing this.  I feel terrible for him.  I don't know if he's anxious because he knows he might throw up or if he just hates the car.  We go for rides everyday and mostly to fun places with positive outcomes but it doesn't seem to phase him.  Good places or bad places, he hates the car.  Any thoughts?

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