So Libby and I are enjoying a nice relaxing morning "in bed" browsing over our MOST FAVORITE website ever, she by my side and I'm rubbing her tummy having a wonderful Saturday morning.  I go to all the different windows and enjoy the morning discussions,  the birthdays, see the newest members and back to my page when I looked over to the left and saw "Hopeless Doodle Addict".  I was sure I was on the wrong page or it was a mistake, I then checked the rankings and there it was, Lonnie and Libby Lu!  I cannot tell you how happy and honored I am to be in this group of the most wonderful Doodle Lovers I have gotten to know only because we brought Libby into our lives.  I so enjoy this site and yes, defintely addicted and it is an honor to be a HDA:)  Thanks so very much and I know I am rambling, but I'm just so excited and thrilled.

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  • Welcome to the club of obsessed DKers! Love having you here. ;o)

  • Congrats on your new status! Your Saturday morning sounds so lovely!
    • Thank you Joanna!  I look forward to Saturdays with LIbby!  So happy to be a HDA!

  • Another feather in your doodle cap!  Congrats!

    • I feel so honored to be in the HDA status with all of you:)  Thanks so much!

  • Congratulations!!!!
    • Thanks!  Libby and I are sooo happy!

  • Congratulations!

    • Thank you Camilla!  It was a real surprise this morning:)

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