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I have noticed that my dogs are getting a lot of eye guck.  Is there anybody that is haveing the same problem or is it form the pollen or should I take them to the vet? 

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what kind of eye "guck" is it? Is it just the brown crusties at the corners of the eye? Or is it yellow or green stuff? It could be an eye infection. Darwin woke up one morning with his eye stuck shut with yellow goop, and we had to take him to the vet for some eye drops. It went away quickly though.
I would say the same as Amber & Gia! We had daily 'eye boogers' that were getting pretty bad. I had Chutney groomed and they trimmed around her eyes and it's definitely better. There's still a little discharge, but not nearly as bad as it was last week.
Callie's been very eye-boogery all fall. If it's the normal dark color or clear, it's fine. When it becomes opaque (like a thick yellow or green or even white) then there could be a secondary infection, and a trip to the vet is needed. Callie's vet recommended regular Claritin for the allergies affecting her eye, and while she's still goopy, I guess it's not so itchy and she's not rubbing it and creating the secondary infection (furry black dog with bright yellow fairly stinky eye goop is not so cute!)
it was more of a dried cresty build up.
oh man, this discussion again! I thought was the most disgusting discussion, EVER on this site. Then I tried "the tip" and Darwin loved it. now he wants me to clean his eye goobers all the time... EW EW EW! LOL.
HA! This past Friday night my friend Robyn and I were taking Callie and Louie (her dog) to a far off dog park. In the car, Robyn removed eye goop from Louie and then fed it to Callie. I had a moment of being horrified, but then she said - you feed Callie's hers all the time. True enough!!!
LOL Agreed!
Spud's favorite of all time. It is a sure cure-all remedy. Your doodles will welcome having their eyes cleaned daily. Always worth a RE POST!
Yup, my Doods think eye g*** is a special treat. They're happiest on days when there's "plenty". My Vet is totally "grossed out" by the fact that I actually use eye g*** as a treat, but she says there's nothing wrong with it. Just be sure it's the normal "dark and dried" g*** and not anything that looks like a potential eye infection (yellow or green pus). I know this is truly disgusting. Murph & Guinness "line up" every morning for "eye g*** treat time". I swear it's the highlight of their day.
Yup, mine find it very tasty. It's probably salty like tears.
Jack has been having the same thing lately, but just in one eye. I asked his vet and he didn't seem very concerned. He hasn't been rubbing it, so I don't think it bothers him.



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