8069005070?profile=RESIZE_710xHi everybody, 

I have Charlie. The most sweet, clever and beautifull goldendoodle boy - if you ask me of course ;) 

He has a funny coat. When he was little, it was long and wavy. Then he started ti get this coarse strip down the back, and I trimmed his sides, because he looked funny. 

The coarse strip has started to get wavy, and the hair by the roots is much lighter, and also the hair in his neck, which is so neck, is wavy too. But still he is very thin haired on the sides, on his back legs, and kinda on the chest too.

Do you think, that he will doodle, and get more fur, so he isn't so thin in the coat?

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  • 8069009068?profile=RESIZE_930xForgot to mention.. He is 4,5 months old :) 

  • And this is him, when he was only 3 months, and was starting to get coarse down the spine.8069013482?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • I think Charlie is adorable. He is already VERY doodle-y, he looks exactly the way I expect an F1 to look.
    His coat looks very much like my late great Jackdoodle's coat, and I think Jack was the cutest dog in the entire world.
    As far as "will he "doodle?", he has already "doodled", lol. Tons of furnishings & lots of fluff. His coat will most likely get a bit thicker and wirier once he gets his adult coat, but it may always be on the thin side. Jack's was. Be glad, a thinner coat is much easier to groom!!!! 
    Picture of Jack:

    • what a cute happy boy!! 

      • So so cute. Would'nt mind Charlie ending up looking like Jack :) I think we will actually keep Charlie short haired, as my boyfriend like that the most. But would be nice, with af little more dense coat. We will just wait and see. Thank you for answering. 

  • The coarse hair stripe down the back is a stage. It eventually blends right back into the rest of him. He is adorable and already has the scruffy doodle look that is my favorite. 

    • Ah okay. Thank you. Funny thing with all these coat staged :) I love his scruffy look aswell. 

  • Charlie looks exactly like my Teddie girl looked when she was a pup. She went through drastic coat changes! It's lightened up quite a bit. Today she is not super curly, more wavy! Looks like a super cute doodle to me! ☺️8069756482?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Teddie's coat looks much denser and curlier than Charlie's to me. Do you have any puppy pictures for comparison? 

      • 8071019476?profile=RESIZE_930xAt 4 months

        8071020065?profile=RESIZE_930x5 months ( the pic doesn't show well, but she had the coarse strip down her spine)

        8071021287?profile=RESIZE_930xAfter her first haircut at 7-8 months.

        lastly, now at 2.5 yo


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