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My f1b girl, Sadie Belle, is 15 weeks old and shedding as badly as my black lab. I have her half-sister who is 2 1/2 years old, and has never shed. (They both have the same 24 lb. red poodle sire, but different F1 Goldendoodle moms.)

Has anyone ever had such an experience with shedding, and did it improve with age? Thanks!

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Let me give you some hope. We have an F1B that is now 7 months old. For the first 5.5 months he was a big time shedder. We were beside ourselves about it. BUT we got him trimmed To get rid of his very scraggly baby fur and now he is a virtual non-shedder. There is still an occasional tumbleweed but it is about 10 times less than it was before and much less frequent. His coat seems to be getting more wavy and curly at the same time. It was very straight early on. He does shed but it is never on our clothes or anywhere to really be of notice my sons allergies to dogs have not had any issues even when the shedding was heavy. Don’t fret just yet. It may get better. The pics are about 4 months and at 6.5 months. 


In my experience, the shedding gets worse when they get older. 

Contrary to popular belief, many F1Bs do shed. As long as you have a heavily shedding breed like a Golden Retriever in the mix, you can end up with a shedding dog. 

This is what happened with Luna.

She hardly shed at all until she replaced her puppy coat and for the rest of her life she was a heavy shedder with seasonal coat changes.

You may get lucky like Jeremy has with Whiskey, but most likely your pup will continue to shed. One of my doodles sheds bunches. 

Thank you so much for your insight, everyone!!

Yep, it will definitely improve with time.  She is loosing her puppy coat and the adult coat will come in with a different texture.  It doesn't last too long.

Thank you, Lynda!
There's Hope- Baby Fur Might be the Root Cause**
I have a golden doodle F1 who shed BIG TIME when she was losing her baby fur. The baby coat was super fine & soft and straight. Her adult coat was wavy and texture soft but not like the baby fur.
Lucy is now almost 1 year and sheds but sparingly and doable (i.e weekly vacuuming). My older labradoodle (an FlB) lost his baby coat back in the day and now sheds less than my kids LOL!!
Thanks, Karla. She just turned 4 months and is really scraggly with long super fine straight hair, and the beginning of short waviness, mostly on her back. My fingers are crossed. Thanks for the encouragement!



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