• 10805313691?profile=RESIZE_930xSo, just to clarify, one of her parents is an F1B and the other is a purebred Poodle? That would make her make her 7/8 Poodle. 
    She has tons of furnishings. :) That darker stripe down her back is called a dorsal stripe and it's very common in lighter colored Poodles and Labs, not sure about Goldens. 
    What is surprising is how straight her coat is. It's wavy, but not at all curly or woolly, which is very unusual for a pup with that much Poodle in her. I think your pup's coat will get thicker and wavier, but it's not going to be curly. To give you an idea how straight your pup's coat is, this is a photo of a purebred Poodle puppy at 4 months old. (Face is shaved). 

    • Thanks for the quick reply!! Sorry I have got mixed up. Her mother is a F1 goldendoodle and her father is a poodle! Does this change your thoughts? 

      • Well, it makes more sense, lol. She is 3/4 Poodle, which means she herself is an F1B. 
        Her coat is still on the straighter side for an F1B. She has my favorite doodle look, with the straighter, shaggy, wavy coat and plenty of furnishings. Really cute, and she's just going to get cuter as she gets older.

      • I predict her adult coat will look something like this. (Lighter in color of course)

  • We tend to think F1B doodles will always be pretty curly. Mine is but that's not always the case. Your pup is simply adorable and has the scruffy look that is my favorite.  It's what I'd choose if I could. 

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