I’d really love some help on predicting my F1b goldendoodle puppy’s (her name is Poppy) adult coat. I only have a few photos to post (some at 6 weeks and some at 8 weeks) as we pick her up at the end of this week... can’t wait!

her mum is a golden retriever x poodle (smooth coat - looks a pure breed golden retriever) and her dad is a miniature poodle. 

I was really hoping for the loose wavy look (as opposed to tight curls) but am thinking that Poppy with be entirely flat-coated?

The first photo below is at 6 weeks old and the other two are at 8 weeks old.

Thank you in advance. 




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  • I predict flat coated like her mom. :)  She is cute!

    Here are some pictures of our Luna (she was an F1 goldendoodle) as a puppy at 8 weeks old then as an adult.  As you can see, like Poppy, she didn't have much "fluff" between the eyes that would indicate that she will have facial furnishings.



    Compare that with our current dog Riley (an F1 bernedoodle), you can see she was a lot more fluffy in the face as a young puppy.  The most important part is the hairs that stick out from her muzzle towards her eyes (called a "chrysanthemum" of hairs), those were absent on Luna. Now as an older puppy (she is almost 1) she is quite wavy with a long coat.



  • Thanks so much for your msg. Both your dogs are gorgeous!
    Does Luna shed much? I agree that Poppy is very similar to her at the same age.
    •  They both shed pretty heavily.  I *think* Riley sheds less because it's only her undercoat that sheds and with Luna it was both undercoat and top coat that were shedding.  It's hard to compare the amounts because Riley is about twice as large as Luna was.  

      Luna did shed a LOT, especially at seasonal changes (Spring/Fall).  Despite their differences in coat type Riley sheds a lot too since she is also double coated.  The difference is that Luna's top coat was very low maintenance (never needed brushing nor clipping, just some occasional scissor cutting of her tail/private areas).   

      Riley's top coat however never stops growing (I think, it got to about 6" long at some point) and requires regular brushing.  I have to trim her every few months - I choose to scissor cut her because I like her coat a little longer than clippers would allow.

    • My Jackdoodle shed 24/7, 365 days a year, and he had furnishings. Doodles are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you'll get.
      The late great shedding Jackdoodle:

      • I am so happy to see a photo of Jack. Thank you for posting. Loved your sweetest boy.

  • 3367127659?profile=originalClancy doesn't have a flat coat and he sheds lots.  We have both fur bunnies everywhere and hairs embedded in our clothing, blankets, etc.  It really is simply the way the genes fall but with a goldendoodle mom with a flat coat and no facial furnishings, genetically she is pretty much a golden retriever.  I think your pup will look a lot like J's Luna, which is a definite goldendoodle look, but one without furnishings and with a flat coat.  I think she is very cute and I ADORE her name. Poppy is in good shedding company. :-}

  • Thank you, Bonnie. He was very special. 

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