I just brought home my F1b Miniature Goldendoodle puppy Charlie 2 weeks ago. He is 10 weeks and 2 days old, and weighs 11 pounds. His dad is a miniature poodle, and his mom is a miniature goldendoodle who weighs about 30 pounds. Charlie's paws are HUGE, and the first thing people say when they see him is, "He's going to be huuuuuge!!" which is crazy, considering he's supposed to be 20-25 pounds!! When he was 8 weeks old, he was 8 pounds. I've read a lot of different articles on how to tell their weight in adulthood (even though there's really no way to tell) is to multiply their weight at 8 weeks by 4, which would be 32 pounds. I will LOVE my boy at any size, I actually would love for him to be around 40ish pounds. Does anybody have any insight on this, or has anyone gone through the same thing? I guess i'm just looking for other opinions from people about what you think his size might be.




*I have attached 2 pictures taken yesterday- the second one is with his Cavapoo friend Spencer (who has a really unfortunate haircut at the moment lol) who is 21 pounds.

Charlie 10 weeks.JPG

Charlie with Cavapoo.JPG

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  • Also, what do you guys think about his coat type? Even though his mom is an F1 goldendoodle, she looks like a miniature golden retriever. I never would have known she was a doodle!

    Charlie 1.JPG

    Charlie 2.JPG

    Charlie 3.jpg

  • I also have an f1b mini. Annabelles mom was a goldendoodle weighed 30lbs. Her dad was an 11lb mini poodle. Annabelle was the smallest in her litter. They were expected to average around 25lbs with Annabelle being smaller and the largest boy in the litter being closer to 30. We brought her home at 10 weeks and she weighed 4lbs. Today at 2 years old she weighs 16lbs. Here is a pic of her taken by her breeder at about 6 weeks. I thought her paws looked kind of big. She now has a curly coat and doesn't shed, but does mat and needs to be brushed frequently. So using the formula of taking their weight at 16 weeks and doubling it, and adding up to 10 worked for us. She was 7lbs at 16 weeks. Being a mini is probably why she didn't add more than 2lbs over her doubled weight.


    • Annabelle is so cute!! :) but... WOW- 6 pounds at 10 weeks? Charlie is already 11 at 10 weeks... crazy! He has a mini f1b puppy friend next door who is a week older, and 3 pounds less. It's so crazy to me how one litter of puppies can have such a large range in size, coat type and color! Charlie's mom and dad have 1 previous litter, and the dogs ranged in size from 13 pounds to 26. In Charlie's litter, there were 4 pups- him, and 3 girls. Charlie ended up being twice the size of the girls! So crazy. Guess i'll just have to wait and see! :)

  • My standard GD was 8lbs at 8 weeks and I believe 11 pounds around 11 or 12 weeks. I expect him to grow to about 60 pounds. It's possible there were larger dogs in the lineage?
    • wow!! I guess there must be! haha thanks for the input!

  • My mini, Daphne, weighed 4 lbs at 8 weeks and 11 lbs at 12 weeks. Today at 4 years old, she weighs 25 lbs. I don't think Charlie's paws look that huge for a pup. They seem to "grow into them" fairly quickly. Those paws are what make little puppies look so clumsy and so cute.
    As far as coat goes, he looks very soft and he definitely has the typical Doodle face. I have a mini doodle (Pippa) that looks like a golden and she is the one most people ask about because she looks so different from her "sisters". In her litter there were 8 puppies. 4 of them were fluffy doodles and three looked like tiny retrievers.
  • He is adorable with the lovely "classic" wavy fleece coat---he will look like a doodle for sure---they did the F1B cross in order to add more curl to the coats of the offspring, I'm sure--since momma has more of a GR look.

    But remember, someplace in Charlie's background there is a full size Golden retriever and the size of these pups can vary--I just had pups around his size go home to new owners and the mom was 48 pounds, the dad was 35 pounds--so anything can happen here--but you really need to see how he grows over the next 6 weeks and double the 16 week size--that is more accurate than a guess now--he could easily hit 35 pounds though.

  • He looks pretty normal for me for a 10-wk-old pup.  Eleven pounds is a little small for 10 weeks, so I would guesstimate that he will be on the small side.  But take his weight at 16 weeks and double it.  Then add a few pounds and that should be his adult weight.  He is beautiful and I'm sure you will be absolutely in love with him no matter what his size.

  • Your Charlie is a doll!  I love those lazy sits! So cute.  My friend has a mini GD and he was supposed to be about 25 lbs at maturity.  However, he weights about 35.  It seems most mini GDs I have seen are more in the 35 range.  Regardless of his mature size, he is off the charts cute and what a beautiful fleecy coat!

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