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Hello! I have put a deposit down on an upcoming litter for an F2B goldendoodle. Mom is an F1 English cream goldendoodle. Dad is an F1B. Both are absolutely beautiful! I have he 6th pick so options will be quite narrow. I currently have a female doodle. She is friendly and enjoys playing with other dogs. I’ve had 2 female dogs for years until we lost our 16 year old dachshund last week. In my experience there always seemed to be one girl that didn’t really like the other or not have any interest in playing with the other. . We never really had to worry about them fighting although one would occasionally snap at the other. I’m considering a male pup this time, Is it true that males and females are more likely to get along? I have heard that 2 females are more likely to have conflict. I understand that finding a submissive vs dominant pup is also a factor. 

Also, any tips for coat  selection for better possibility of low to non-shed? I know this can be hard to predict when they are so young. I have attaches a pic of the beautiful parents ❤️

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Speaking of Penny here is 2 recent pictures! Her coat is very easy to maintain but she sheds horribly! I’m really hoping for better luck with the shedding this time! I think the last pic actually looks a lot like Penny as a pup! 


She's beautiful. She looks like a very big girl. I feel like shedding is the trade off for easy maintenance. My straighter girl is easy so far and doesn't seem to be shedding much, at least not so much that I'm wearing all her fur, but she's just a baby. Time will tell how much more she sheds than the curly girls.

She is 65lbs and stocky. Seems to have the English Cream body type. She’s very strong when playing but such a teddy bear! 

Our Clancy is stocky like Penny.  Probably English Retriever; shorter legs, stronger structure. Sheds like crazy - parts do and parts don't.

I like the stocky look!  They look solid.

Clancy does resemble Penny! Especially when her hair is more grown out! Very cute! 

Disney dog all the way!!!! :-}

Unless your dog gets a double coat like Riley:p

Her top coat is wiry, curly and doesn't seem to shed...undercoat is soft and straight and sheds like crazy! Her top coat isn't quite as curly as a poodle but she has soft curls.

Sounds a lot like Donna's Quincy, may he rest in peace. He had a very curly coat but he shed too!

Quincy was always one of my favorites :)  His coat did look a lot like Riley's.

She is very pretty.  What a pretty young lady!

Personally, I prefer the shaggy, "Disney Dog" look; to me, that's the appeal of doodles. I've never understood why, if someone wants a dog with a really curly coat, why they don't just get a purebred Poodle? That way, you have a guarantee of no shedding, lol. 



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