Hi Everyone,

I have a question and hoping I can get some thoughts from someone and help me get an idea how our baby boy might look when he grows.

Our puppy is an F1 Englishcream Goldendoodle and is about 9 weeks old. Poodle is birth mother and Golden retriever is father. We have noticed our boy looks more like his dad golden retriever than doodle. He doesn't have facial furnishings as of now although his hair on forehead and near eyebrows are growing. He hair looks slightly wavy on back and doesn't have fluffy hair on legs. Will my boy get doodle facial furnishings? What his coat might look like? 


Share your thoughts! Thanks in advance! :)


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  • Do you have any photos you can upload?

    • Hi Adina,

      I had uploaded pictures but looks like there was some problem. Have uploaded pictures in below reply. 8094847490?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • No way to tell anything without pictures, lol.

    • Hi Karen, 

      Have added pictures in below reply 😊 

  • 8094836691?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • 8094842291?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Hmmmm...not super furnished.  She doesn't have the typical curly ears and smooth muzzle that some all-retriever looking pups do.  I think MAYBE I see some light furnishings here where I circled in red.  Also seems like MAYBE puppy has some wisps on the body/legs.  I'm not confident, but maybe...


    • Got it. Thanks for the information 😊
      He resembles his dad retriever more, hope he doodles out eventually.

      But we love our cutie, she is best thing happened to our family ☺️

    • Luna had something similar happening between the eyes as a puppy, it never developed into furnishings.  



      • Yeah Luna looks similar as our puppy. We will wait and see how he will change. Thanks for sharing your opinion. 

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