Fake Goldendoodle?!

so we got a puppy about a month and half ago and he was advertised as a F1B mini Goldendoodle. Meaning his mom is a Goldendoodle and dad is a poodle however we are having some doubts he is not getting that big . At 14 weeks he weighs 5.31 pounds . How big was y'all mini around 14 weeks any thoughts ? Could he maybe be something else ?! 3743363478?profile=RESIZE_710x

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    • Omg yes ! I already want another Goldendoodle . They are the best !!!!

  • That's tiny but some breeders are going for teeny, tiny dogs. I'd do a dna test- they are on sale right now on Amazon and Chewy. The breeders are calling them petite or toy. I don't think it's a recognized size by the goldendoodle organization. 
    Did you meet any parents?  How big did the breeder project your puppy would be?  

    • Yes actually his Vet does DNA test and we are going to get one done soon ! They told me he would be under 25 pounds .

      • I would bet some serious money that he's going to be under 20 lbs.


      • My guess would be more like 12 pounds.

        • That is a very tiny doodle if that's his final size! I had a Bichon growing up that was about 12 lbs. 

  • The "mini" could be your clue here.  Maybe mom was a small goldendoodle to begin with (maybe golden and miniature poodle) and then bred back to a miniature or toy poodle.  They are trying to breed smaller and smaller doodles because they are basically house dogs these days.  Do you have papers for him?  The breeder may be able to provide more information about his heritage also, but I would guess a small poodle breedback.  But, he is absolutely darling.

  • My mini at 14 weeks at the vet was 5 and 1/4lb. Mine is actually an F1. She was the smallest of the litter. She's adorable! 

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