Q: Is there a way I can put a picture up on only "My Page" and not have it also appear on the global Photo Pages? A: To put photos on your page that do not end up in the global photo pages, you will have to insert a photo into the text box available on your page. Everybody has a text box that they can use to put as many things into as they want. If you have not used yours, you should be able to find it in the center column on your page. It will say text box or "my text box" at the top of the box. All you have to do is click the edit button in the top right corner of the box and it will open up the box and you can type in there or put photos or gadgets or widgets in it. At the top of your box there is a bar that looks like this:

The second to last button you can click on is a little blue/green box. Click that box. Then you have two options: --The first option is to click "Browse" and search for the photo from your own computer files. ---The second option is to copy/paste the URL of the photo if you are taking it from your website. You'll have to right click on the photo, then click "properties", then copy the image address into the box you see above. With BOTH options above when you hit 'add' you'll see a bunch of gobbledygook computer language. That is what you are supposed to see. Once you have saved your box...then it will turn into a photo. NOTE: before you put a photo into your box, make sure to shrink it down to a size that is no bigger than the box or else it will take a long time to load your page every time somebody visits your page.

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  • Adina, I must be missing it. I am looking for the "my text box" on my page, but it is not there UNLESS I am overlooking it and that is very possible. Where exactly should I look. I have looked in the center column
    • try left column?
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