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Q: Is there a way to sort photos once they have been uploaded? Mine are not in the order I want, but haven't found a way to change it.

A: You can sort photos (for the slide show on your page or otherwise) by creating an album and adding the photos in the order you want them. If you'd like to show photos from a particular album in your slide show then click "edit" in the top right corner of your slideshow and select the settings so that it pulls photos from the album of your choosing.

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I have wondered about this too. It sure would be nice if you could sort them in the order you want. It looks like the only way to do it now is to delete them and reload them to make the order that you want. I know you can easily change the order of your photos on MySpace and other forums like that.
I agree, it would be nice to be able to sort all of your pictures in any order. At this time it's not an option, unfortunately. However, making albums and using them for your slideshow works pretty well as an alternative.
I just create new albums, and rearrange them in the album. works pretty easy for me. take a look at my page.



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