We are gettinga an 8 week old Med Austrailian Labradoodle Friday. Zoey is aFemale Carmel parti. We are so excited. We have decided after much research to feed her a raw diet. We did our research and came to this decision after loosing our 10 year old Aussie to cancer. We want to give Zoey every chance from the beginning. Has anyone had experience in introducing a new puppy to this type of diet? We will of course discuss with our Vet at her Sat appt. any input is greatly appreciated. This is our very first doodle And we can't express enough how excited we are.

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  • Congratulations.   I know you must be so excited.  I feed Asta raw now, but it was a gradual process.  I moved him from the dry kibble the breeder used to Orejin before introducing him to a raw diet at around 5 months. I discussed my plan to feed raw with my Vet.  She raised an eyebrow and cautioned me to be sure of my food source.   Since then, she has said I must be doing something right because his teeth are pearly white, he doesn't have doggy breath, and his coat is so soft. I did a lot of research and found two excellent sources--K-9 Kraving and GreenCuisine4pets.   

    • Good input our breeder has her started on grain free taste of the wild bison puppy food. We will continue that. Did you add any cooked chicken, yams, fruit to her diet until you moved her to the raw diet?
  • Thank you for the input I wondered about I meal raw and 1 meal the kibble?
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