My doodle is about 2 and a half months now.  I've taught him some basic commands, his name, sit, look, down, and we're working on stay.  Still another couple more weeks before his puppy classes start.

I've really wanted to teach him how to play ball, tried a few times, but he just would watch the ball roll away.   

Yesterday morning something clicked.  We were out on the deck and suddenly he started chasing after the ball and then bringing it back to me to throw.  I never taught him that, is it intuitive with the retriever mix? 

And today I wasn't able to park where I usually do for work, I had to park on the street.  He walked (with his halter & leash) like he walked all the time on sidewalks!  Just trotting along, going straight for my office. 

He's such a smart boy, amazing me everyday.  I picked the right breed. 

I'd love to hear stories about other peoples doodles!

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  • Love your dog's name.  Some dogs do retrieve naturally, some not so much.  Roo(labragdoodle) and Sunny (Golden Retreiver) both retrieved as soon as they could get something in their mouth.  Tigger learned from Roo and now Murphy has learned from Tigger.  All the huskies we have had wouldn't retrieve even for a treat!

    • So it might just be the lab in him?  

      I love how older dogs can teach puppies the way of the world, you must have it pretty together to manage 3 dogs.

  • Riley likes fetch and will usually bring the ball back but not always... sometimes she gets distracted and wanders off.  She definitely enjoys for it and sometimes requests it by bringing us a ball.   I think someday she will maybe make a good frisbee dog, she's very good at catching stuff mid-air.

    We used to joke that Luna was half retriever because she almost NEVER brought the ball back lol.  She loved to go chase it but as soon as she got it she would abandon it to go sniff stuff.  Too much hunting dog instinct in her to let a smell go unsniffed ;)

    • Its so cool to see breed characteristics coming through.  My last dog was a ridgeback, it was beneath his dignity to chase after a ball.  Deer?  Watch out.  Always had to have him on a leash.

  • Funny how they do that.  Picco was taking forever to learn potty training then one morning he's waiting at the door to go out and has ever since!  I had a friend's dog teach him how to fetch.  After a few days of watching the other one go after the ball he thought that it looked like fun. Now he's a toy hog - he'll fetch bring it back but you never know if he's in the mood to give it up or keep it.

    • My pup hasn’t seen any dogs in real life playing catch, I wonder if he caught on from the videos I’ve watched?  He’s so hilarious running after the ball, bringing it back, dropping it, scrambling to get it back, who needs TV?

    • Picco was fun to watch. The other dog was like a bullet after the ball and Picco, with his long gangly puppy legs, was all over the place. Couldn't run in a straight line!
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