Final Coat Guesses?

Hi everyone! 

I'm wondering if anyone has an idea, based on experience or what they've seen, what my Goldendoodle's final/adult coat might look like?

Let me reiterate I absolutely adore her and any coat she might have - she's my first dog so I'm just really curious :). She started with a really thick straight coat, and it's starting to grow quite coarse on her back, scraggly on her body, and then a bit curly on her chest.

Ruby is a standard F1 goldendoodle (mom was a golden, dad was a dark red poodle) and she's 20 weeks/5 months today.8837432061?profile=RESIZE_710x



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  • Adorable, very doodle-y looking. Definite furnishings. Nice think wavy coat. It will probably get thicker and wavier as she gets older. My absolute favorite "doodle" look. 
    I do think she may be a lighter shedder as an adult, most F1s are. 

    • Yes I think she'll shed too! She already does a moderate amount so I'm used to it :) 

  • Super cute!

    I agree with Karen I think she'll have a wavy/scruffy look and will most likely shed.  

    Our F1 bernedoodle Riley started with a fairly straight coat as a puppy but she has loose curls and waves now.


    • Oh I took a peek to reference the coat change and Riley is SO cute

      • Thanks! :)  She's a big shaggy monster haha.  I never thought she would get this curly, they can change quite a bit from their puppy coat!

  • Absolutely the cutest!  Love love the color!  Gonna be a head turner for sure!  Take lots of pictures!  Enjoy

    • Thank you!! We're pretty obsessed with her :) haha

  • Ruby is gorgeous with my favorite doodle look.

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