My “baby boy” turns four today. Where does the time go?


 The past 365 days with him have taken us on lots of new adventures.

Thanks to those who inspired us here on DK, Finn tested for Bright and Beautiful and we became a therapy team.  Since last September, we’ve been working with 7 special needs children and Finn is officially a Roxey Therapy Dog.  This has started us on a whole new journey. 



Over the summer, we visited VA.  Bittersweet.  Finn loves the river and the grandkids but he searched for 2 days for his buddy, Auggie, who passed over the Rainbow Bridge last spring.  Didn't stop Finn from his coaching duties though...



In September, he got to meet his first DK doodles – Calla and Luca.  Luca and Finn rocked the water.  He also got to meet Laurie and John, F, Camilla, Janie and Tom!  The “famous” Camilla took this signature photo.  This is Finn’s way of knowing where I am while watching what goes on in the world.


     Luca and Finnegan


Then came our first doodle romp with local doodles followed by Sandy Hook!  We met lots of great doodles but  Finn was totally smitten with Jilly and became quite a noodge about it. It was his first trip to the ocean :)




In November we met Laurie, Wally and the beautiful Charlotte and then, be still my heart, Jackson arrived with Jilly!  Finn’s Thanksgiving holiday was complete!  The doodles and us DKers had a great time.  Finn learned it’s not only fun to run and chase but a doodle sing along is great fun too!



Finn got chosen as Mr. February for the Labradoodle calendar – a big honor because all these DK dogs are so darn cute and in March – the HDA medal arrived with lots of fun things from DJ and Chance!


We’re went to Strut Your Mutt yesterday– with other dogs from the Courthouse and Reading programs.  Finn loved it!  All those dogs and people!  He even gave the guy dressed in a big ol’ Roxey dog suit a big kiss! (and I missed the picture!!!!) Today’s he’s got a bag of presents and treats to enjoy. As long as I don’t make him wear a birthday hat, he’ll be a happy guy.  I love you so much, Finnegan!  No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my “baby boy” –and my wisest and funniest BFF! Happy Birthday Finn and here's to more fun in the year ahead!


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  • Such a wonderful tribute to Finn. Sounds like a great year was had by all. What a sweetheart! Happy birthday Finn
  • Happy Birthday Finn you sweet young guy. What adventures you've half. Luca was six in March so I guess he's an older guy now. All of us are looking forward to seeing Finn and you soon : )
  • Happy 4th Birthday, Finn! What an exciting year you've had! Have a great day! 

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY FINN! Isnt it amazing how one day they are a puppy and ...poof....they are 4!
  • Cheryl, what a beautiful and productive year this has been for Finn and you!  Wow!  Your pictures are gorgeous and gives a very nice tribute to Finn!   Happy 4th Birthday Finn!  You are an awesome Doodle!  How fun to meet all the Doodles and Dk'ers!  My dream:)

    • Lonnie, I'm going to meet you and Libby one day! :) Don't know that Finn can make it that far :(

  • May the 4th be with you Finn ;) ! Happy birthday.

  • Happy birthday Finn!
  • Happy Birthday Finn!  I loved this tribute and I have never thought of "BFF" in terms of a dog, but OMD, that is exactly what Myla is to me!!!

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