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Hi all,


I know this is a shot in the dark but I am hoping to find some insight on Heat symptoms so that I can decide on when to have my pup spayed. We decided to wait after she has her first heat to have her spayed after weighing the pros/cons. 

Well she is at almost 10 months now and I'm still not sure she's had her first heat. She's been especially whiny the past few days, and has been licking herself more than usual but I'm not seeing any discharge. Maybe she's just good at keeping up with it? She's also been panting but she could just be bored (we live in an apartment and it's been raining for several days).

I try to track her symptoms and it seems that she's had these same mild symptoms 2 months ago. The breeder said it was unlikely, and that it could have been a 'false heat'. So again, I'm not sold that she was in heat.


I appreciate any insight! She's our first Goldendoodle and first dog.

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  • I had two females who went into heat before they were spayed, and neither had any discharge. They were very good at keeping themselves clean. 
    Panting can be a sign of anxiety, but not usually boredom.

    Why does your breeder say it is unlikely that she's in heat? Both of my girls were around 6 months old. There's nothing odd or unsual about a female dog having a first heat at 10 months, it's certainly not too early.

    Why not ask your vet?  


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