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I was looking on a few sites and people were saying that a female's first litter is normally smaller.  Is this correct?  We are hopefully waiting on contact from our chosen breeder. She says this will be a first time mom but didn't indicate the litter may be smaller.

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  • I don't think that is a hard and fast rule--one dog I bred had 10, 9 and 11 in her three litters and another had 5, 3 and 5 and a third had 8 each time--seems like it is more the capacity of the dog and not the number of litters.

    • Thanks Ginny!  We are just hoping there is a little girl in the litter for my daughter. She is so excited . I would hate for her to be  disappointed especially since she put down her deposit and did her application.

  • I second what Adina said. I only ever had female dogs until our Vern. He is such a wonderful and loving dog and all the things I thought about male dogs....they hump, etc. never proved true with our Vern. These will be my last dogs, but if it wasn't, I would choose only by temperament and not sex. Good luck!

    • In our case we wanted a female for the size range.  Male Bernese can be up to 120 lbs... females generally top out at less than 90.  The size differences are more dramatic with the standard/large breed doodles.

      That being said we would have been open to a male if that's all that was available.  Riley's parents were both 60-70 lbs, I think she'll top out closer to 75-80 maybe though.

    • Hi ,

      My daughter is pretty flexible in her choices  such as color and size. It's just that she prefers a female puppy.  We've always  had females while  her dad and most of her friends have males.  Originally she wanted a male but she changed her mind after caring for a few male dogs. I grew up with  mostly male dogs as a child but I've had both.    All of our females are always spayed because  we believe that breeding should be left to the "professionals". There's nothing wrong with males.  I guess it's just personal preference.  Ironically, we normally give our females names that are considered masculine  with the exception of my "Khloe" -my boyish yorkie.  I agree there is no perfect puppy.

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