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Hiya, friends!

I am a first-time puppy mama hoping to connect with some fellow Doodle lovers! My baby Teddy is a 5 month old F1 goldendoodle and we brought him home on his 7 week birthday. We (my long-term boyfriend, Richie, and I) live in Austin, TX--we moved here last year from Boston for my IT job. We also have an 11 year-old cat named Kitty who came across the country with us. She is not so fond of Teddy...but he just loves her! It's very sweet. :)

I decided on a goldendoodle mainly because my dog allergies are pretty severe--I probably shouldn't own a dog at all, but I couldn't imagine my life without one in it much longer. I didn't grow up with a dog (I actually was quite afraid of them when I was a kid), but my parents finally got a dog (older, not a puppy)--we believe she is a cockapoo with a mix of something else, too--when I was a sophomore in high school and I just fell in love with having one around. We also had 2 incredible, sweet goldens on our street who shed like mad but I just adored them and wanted one something awful. But getting a dog when I was 16 was what really showed me just how allergic I really was to them. :( (I begged my parents to keep her anyway--but boy oh boy was I allergic!)

After I moved out, and especially after moving across the country and away from my mom's doggy, I pined away for having a dog around, even though these dogs all made me wheeze and cough and sneeze something awful. But let me tell you, dogs are *everywhere* in Austin. I really couldn't go anywhere without seeing someone walking their dog, and it was starting to make me pretty sad and lonely, especially because I figured that it wouldn't be possible to get one because of my allergies. But then a doggy discussion broke out at the office early this year and someone mentioned their labradoodle, I was like, "What the heck is that?" so I googled it and ohhh boy did I fall in love with that adorable happy face! Google said something like, "People also search for: 'goldendoodle'" and then I thought that a goldendoodle would be just perfect for me given my adoration for the sweet nature of the golden. So my research began, and then I found my Teddy's litter, and the rest is history. :)

Anyway, sorry for the novel!

I intended on joining this forum the week that I got him... however, I did as much research as I possibly could to prepare for bringing home my very first puppy, and nothing really could have prepared me for just how energetic (and messy!) these little guys could be! Goodness was I tired! He was quite the handful, but every second has been worth it--even the lost sleep and the gallons of floor cleaner that I have gone through. :D

He's such a sweetheart, so well-behaved and getting better every day, and he just loves to snuggle. And, he hasn't had an accident in weeks (not sure how long you can be accident-free before saying that they are house-trained, but he is doing GREAT!). He goes to daycare 3-4 times a week and they always let me know how excited and happy and friendly he is. He has never exhibited any signs of aggression at all and I hope that stays true, because I really could not have dreamed of a nicer, sweeter pup.

Anyway, I will quit gushing--just wanted to drop by and say Hello and I hope to get to know a lot of you as the months and years progress! Thanks for listening!

Here are a few pictures! As you can see, he is growing like a weed!

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Welcome!!!!  Teddy is just adorable! This is such a great site for advice ...or if you just need to vent, I have learned so much here 

Thank you so much! I'm so happy to be here--I wish I'd joined earlier! :) Jaxson is wicked cute!

Teddy is so cute!  Tracy ~ when you get a chance be sure to check out the groups section on the main page and join as many as you like.  Welcome to Doodle Kisses!

Thank you, Linda! Your babies are so cute. There are so many groups--gonna have to spend some time finding the ones for me. :)

He is adorable and much like you, I can't imagine my life without a dog.  So happy you finally have another one in your life.  Welcome to DK, this a an amazing forum for all things "doodle"!

Yes, absolutely! Thank you! Your baby is so cute and very similar colors to Teddy. :)

Welcome to DK!  Teddy is adorable, and sounds like he's doing really well!  My second doodle, Miss Beasley, is almost 5 months old, too.  (And on the house-training, generally they say 30 days without an accident.  We just "reset" with Beasley last week, when she suddenly decided to poo in the dining room - and she hasn't done THAT one inside since late June!  lol)  Look forward to watching Teddy grow! 

Thanks, Julie! That is good info. Teddy was doing really well for a few weeks, and then we had to "reset" as well when he snuck into the bedroom (where he is not allowed because of my allergies and the cat LOL) and peed on the rug. I think he thought it was a fuzzy puppy pad, maybe? He was so good before that, and has been perfect since! So who knows. :D It's cool that our babies are the same age! Will definitely be fun to see how big they get :)

He is darling, looks like my little girl Jazzy-16 weeks old.

Awwww, yes! Teddy's sister looks very much like your Jazzy color-wise. He is a bit darker but they totally have the same cute face! :)

Congrats and welcome Tracy! I'm much like you with the dog allergies.
I went at least 20 years without a dog in my home due to allergies, then
like you, I heard about the breed. We been beyond happy with our decision
to have a dog again. Especially a doodle!
Your doodle is adorable :-)

Thank you so much! It's been great to chat with other allergy-folks. I know that there are plenty of us out there, but it seems like I only meet people who look shocked and appalled that doggy kisses give me hives. :)

I think I spent well over 20 minutes looking at all of your pictures of your two babies... they are so precious!



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