Flat coated doodle?

Hey there, I have an 11 week old F2b Goldendoodle and was curious if it looks like he's going to have a flat coat. He has a really thick fluffy coat but has no signs of a furnishing. He looks like a little lamb which is so adorable and I absolutely adore his face. I was just curious if any of your doodles had this face/coat as a puppy and if they ever grew a beard and eyebrows. Thanks so much and happy holidays!! 


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  • Hard to tell from this photo. It does look like he has the little tufts of fur at the top of his muzzle, between his eyes, which could be the beginning of the "chrysanthemum" you see in dogs with furnishings. But he also has the very curly crimped head and ears which often seem to go along with open-faced doodles. It will be interesting to see how he turns out. 

    • Thank you so much for the reply!! I'm so curious to see how he turns out. I'm guessing it won't be the typical doodle look lol! 

  • 8-9 weeks:




    6 months:
    He looks a lot like our Archie as a pup. Soon after 11 weeks he went through a pretty shabby wirey phase. He is now 6 months and is still changing but his hairs getting long and curly. Still don't know how he will turn out. He is an F2b as well

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