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Hi! Do you have a flat coated goldendoodle? Send pics my way! would love to see what my little pup will look like!

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You should check out the "Where is the poodle in my doodle?" Group :)

Lots of examples of flat-coated and less "doodly" doodles there.

Our Luna was an F1 mini goldendoodle and flat-coated - she basically looked like a mini retriever.  Lots of pics up on my profile page.

Aw thanks for your suggestion! 

I read about your Luna- im so sorry to hear. do you have pics when she was 8 weeks-6 months old?

There are a bunch here:

If you click on my name it'll also take you to my profile page where there are a few other albums too.

What a cutie! We also have a flat or smooth coated doodle...she looks like a small golden. I of course wanted the less shedding, doodle dog, but my boys chose her and she chose them. She is 10 months now and is the SWEETEST!! I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about her. She does shed some (nothing like a pure bread golden, but more than most doodles). But the good thing is I can groom her myself! We have a pool, which she LOVES and if I had a doodly pup I’d never get her dry. I’ll add some current pics to my profile page. ;-)

Yes! Would love to see pics! We loveeeeeeee our Harper. She has an amazing personality and so so sweet! 

Hi Ricki!  I FINALLY got some photos uploaded.  I think I could only add 5, but if there's any age you would like to see in particular, just let me know and I'll find one.  I think I have daily pics of Maggie. ;)  

Yeah we were disappointed at first that Luna didn't have that typical "doodle" look.. but their little open faces are so expressive and the grooming is much easier :)



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