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Hi! Do you have a flat coated goldendoodle? Send pics my way! would love to see what my little pup will look like!

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You should check out the "Where is the poodle in my doodle?" Group :)

Lots of examples of flat-coated and less "doodly" doodles there.

Our Luna was an F1 mini goldendoodle and flat-coated - she basically looked like a mini retriever.  Lots of pics up on my profile page.

Aw thanks for your suggestion! 

I read about your Luna- im so sorry to hear. do you have pics when she was 8 weeks-6 months old?

There are a bunch here:

If you click on my name it'll also take you to my profile page where there are a few other albums too.

What a cutie! We also have a flat or smooth coated doodle...she looks like a small golden. I of course wanted the less shedding, doodle dog, but my boys chose her and she chose them. She is 10 months now and is the SWEETEST!! I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about her. She does shed some (nothing like a pure bread golden, but more than most doodles). But the good thing is I can groom her myself! We have a pool, which she LOVES and if I had a doodly pup I’d never get her dry. I’ll add some current pics to my profile page. ;-)

Yes! Would love to see pics! We loveeeeeeee our Harper. She has an amazing personality and so so sweet! 

Yeah we were disappointed at first that Luna didn't have that typical "doodle" look.. but their little open faces are so expressive and the grooming is much easier :)



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