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Hi everyone,

I was looking a breeder's website (not my breeder) but it stated that anyone who purchased a puppy from them would invalidate their health guarantee  warranty by giving their puppy nexguard, bravecto, comfortis  and any internal flea prevention.  I thought that was strange.  It stated due to reports regarding kidney and liver damage.  I haven't heard this before.  

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The breeder who owns Jasper's sire also has the same thing in her sales contract regarding Nexguard, Bravecto and and Simparica (not Comfortis). (And not the part about internal flea prevention, although she does strongly recommend spot-ons for flea/tick preventtion rather than oral meds.) 
The FDA has issued several warnings about the active ingredient, isoxazoline, in these three preventatives causing neurological issues. Not liver and kidney issues.

Comfortis is not included and it contains a different active ingredient, so not sure why this breeder chose to include that. I think this breeder means well in temrs of protecting her puppies but isn't understanding the FDA warning information. There was an FDA warning years ago about not giving Comfortis if you are giving ivermectin (Heartgard) because of possible drug interactions. 

At any rate, IMO all pet owners would be well-advised to heed the FDA warning about Nexgard, Bravecto and Simparica. 

What should you give I wonder?  I have been giving my yorkie  Nexguard and she is on  Heartgard. She hates trifexis.

Heartgard and Frontline are the old, safe standbys, and that's what I used for many many years. That's also the combination recommended by Jasper's father's breeder. Revolution is another safe option that covers most everything, although it is not as effective for fleas and ticks as some of the other prevents. 
Jasper is on Sentinel. It covers fleas and HW but not ticks. We don't have ticks in my area. 

Wow Khloe goes for her annual next month. I am going to mention this.  Unfortunately we live in the South and deer love my back yard. Ticks are common here. I remember frontline  because I was using that back in the day when my bichon was a pup.  And when my daughter gets her doodle pup next month I am going to make sure she mentions this to the vet to get the best recommendations for the new baby.  Thanks Karen this forum has very useful information.

We liked Revolution for Luna - it is a bit more expensive than some of the others but application is easy and it has everything in one.  We do have ticks in our area and Luna never got any ticks even though we took her to a local wooded area (dog park/trail) frequently.  We will discuss it with the vet but will likely go that route again for Riley.

Thanks a lot. I am definitely switching and I will be informing my daughter as well.


Nala is on heartguard, but we use vectra 3D for fleas and ticks. It is an external application, once  a month. (I also heard negative things about internal meds) Anyone heard anything about Vectra 3D?  We also live among the wildlife here and have to use something.

Chris & Nala 

I asked my vet a couple of weeks ago about NexGard, and she said that if my dogs have been using it without any reaction for a while, then they should be fine continuing. We also give them Sentinel. 

I'm curious as to why you're giving both? If the Sentinel is just for HW, why not give Heartgard instead of doubling up on the flea meds?

Karen, That is an excellent question. I didn't realize the duplication. I guess I could give them Nexgard Spectra, which would cover everything, including ticks and heartworm. I am going to investigate this further. Thanks!

NexGard covers just fleas and ticks. (NexGard Spectra protects against worms, though it isn't approved for use in the US.) Sentinel covers fleas, heartworms, roundworms, hookworms and whipworms, so the only duplication is in the flea category. I could give them NexGard and HeartGard Plus, which covers heartworms as well as hookworms and roundworms, since the regular HeartGard only protects against heartworms. So, after our current supply of Sentinel is used up, I might switch to HeartGard Plus, in combination with NexGard. So there you have it!

This sounds like a good plan to me. 



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