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I've noticed recently that my doodle's tennis balls have blood stains on them. I surmised that the kibble (Wellness Core) must be cutting his gum, however, when I look into his mouth, I don't see any blood. He's almost 4 years old so I don't think his teeth are bad. Have any of you experienced this. Any and all solutions or recommendations are welcomed. 

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  • I can tell you without a doubt that the kibble is NOT cutting his gum. That simply doesn't happen. 
    Tennis balls are extremely abrasive, they can actually damage teeth in extreme cases. It's possible that the abrasive surface of the tennis ball is irritating his gums and causing them to bleed. Do you ever brush his teeth? Has he had a dental cleaning at the vet? By 4 years old, a lot of doodles have considerable tartar and plaque build-up, and can have some gum issues.  I would have your vet take a look. 

    • Oh wow!!! He loves these balls! Didn't know that these could be so harmful for him! 8366871085?profile=RESIZE_930x

      • Yeah we've never let our dogs have fluffy tennis balls whenever they want, only occasionally for supervised fetch to avoid the potential tooth damage.

        There are balls like Chuck-it rubber balls that don't have the fuzz on them and won't grind down their teeth.

        They're more expensive but I find they hold up a lot better than regular tennis balls anyway.  Riley can destroy a regular tennis ball in under 5 minutes but we've had the same Chuck-it balls for years.



        Amazon.com : Chuckit! Ultra Ball, X-Large (3.5 Inch) 1 Pack, Multi (170401) : Pet Toy Balls : Pet S…
        Amazon.com : Chuckit! Ultra Ball, X-Large (3.5 Inch) 1 Pack, Multi (170401) : Pet Toy Balls : Pet Supplies
        • I agree, Chuck-It balls are much safer and most dogs like them.
          There are also tennis balls made especially for dogs with non-abrasive felt coverings, such as Greenbone brand, which comes in a 4 pack from Chewy and other online retailers, but they did not hold up well for us. 

          • These balls are definitely going in the trash tonight! Learning so much still! Thank you!!! 

        • Thank you so much!!! Still learning as a fist time dog parent!!! These balls will be going in the trash tonight and I'll be ordering him some much safer balls. 

          • Chuck-it makes a bunch of different versions, the ones I linked are the basic ones.  They have squeaky ones too and Riley has one glow-in-the dark one that we never actually use in the dark but she likes the texture of it.

        • I like these Chuckit balls too!  They are more durable, easily cleaned and don't get so slimed up with saliva sticking to the fuzz!

        • Rosco LOVED those chuck-it balls.  He would chew them like an enormous wad of gum and they stood up to it!  He may have cracked one eventually, but not easily and over a very very long time.  

          • Most of Riley's chuck-it balls are Luna's old ones, so that's 10 years of moderate use and they're still going!

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