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Hi All, 

I'm new to this group and came across this website while searching for the best foods for goldendoodle with sensitive stomaches. I have an 11month old F1 standard goldendoodle named Meatlof, he's about 70 pounds now and he's not a "picky" eater but he does have digestive problem and we've switched his food from core wellness complete to blue Buffalo basics food (turkey and potatoe recipe). Turkey seems to be working well anytime we give him chicken he itches and scratches so much. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if so what food would you recommend for a golden doodle with a sensitive stomach? 

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  •  Hi Alexis, we have a large active group here on Doodle Kisses called the Food Group, where we have foods recommendations and tons of discussions about sensitive stomachs and diets. Please join us there. I'm happy to help with recommendations for specific foods for your pup, but I prefer to do it in the Food Group.
    Wellness is a much better brand than Blue Buffalo, which we do not recommend. Wellness makes a wonderful limited ingredient line called Simple, which has a great turkey & potato formula which works very well for dogs with digestive issues. It's available in most pet supplies stores and also at

    However, digestive issues are dependent on several factors, not on food alone. Past history with giardia or other parasites, past treatment with antibiotics, particularly metronidazole (Flagyl), probiotics, and behavioral issues may all contribute. So if you'd like to start a new discussion about your pup's issues in the Food Group, we can explore this, and I may be able to make some other suggestions that will help.

    • The Acana limited ingredient foods (duck&pear and lamb&apple) are good too and the fat content is high which is good for puppies.  



  • In addition to what Karen said, I have found that one of my dogs needs a daily probiotic. Many things cause him to haeve diarrhea, including stress.  When he is having more of a problem we give it to him morning and night. We use Proviable which can be ordered on Amazon, Chewy or found in many pet stores.

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